Essay on Lockdown – Learning at Home during Lockdown : My Parents and My Teachers

The whole world has come to a standstill, and the reason is  the pandemic COVID-19. All of a sudden, it seems we are a part of a horror movie. The villainous coronavirus is killing thousands of people, and we are feeling helpless. It has turned our lives upside down. Even in our dreams, we could not have imagined ourselves conned to our homes, with no outings and unable to meet our friends and relatives.

Reasonably, the situation has given us a chance to look at things dierently. In the beginning, this lockdown was considered as holidays by some children, like me. Once extended, it has made us realize the value of attending schools. We appreciate the hard work of our teachers who are trying their best to teach us through online classes and providing us with study material. Teachers are not leaving any stone unturned so that we do not waste our precious time sitting idle. Although initially taking online classes was a challenge for them, they have quickly adapted so that our academic pathdoes not get aected. This has taught us never to run away from challenges when life throws them upon us and, to try to adapt according to the situation.

These hard times are teaching us the value of everyday food items like fruits, vegetables, and groceries in our lives. They have become so valuable that nowadays they are not readily available. We are learning to manage ourselves with limited resources. We have learned to respect our farmers and the vendors who are bringing these essentials to our doorsteps. We have realized that we should never waste food because many people are unable to have even a single meal during this lockdown period. It has also taught us life beyond junk food as now we know that delicious food can be cooked at home too. We have become more alert about personal hygiene and cleanliness.

The lockdown has also made us appreciate our parents, who usually work day and night to fulll our reasonable (and unreasonable) demands and never complain. Spending more time with them gave us an opportunity to understand them and to learn what quality time is. Life is about not only studies, TV, and games. It is about sharing and standing with each other during any phase of life. We have also got a chance to know about our parent’s childhood days, watching Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. playing games like Ludo. Parents have also taught us the value of money, and how necessary it is to save money for rainy days. We have learnt that it is our moral duty to stand by our employees in oces and factories and domestic help because they are the people who make our life worth living.

The current situation has made us value the organizations who keep working day and night to make our life easy and smooth. We should be thankful to our government and police ocers who are trying to make people follow the rules of social distancing. We should also be grateful to health workers who are putting their lives in danger to save thousands of lives.

Lockdown is giving us many lessons about life. We have learnt to handle diculties with a positive mind, and I hope these lessons remain with us throughout life. There is an end to every nightmare, and this one shall end soon.

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